Hi! My name is Ciara. For starters, I am a Florida girl living in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. I am a creative, designer, and artist. My interests span anywhere from interior design, midcentury modern designs, scientific lithographs, fluffy cats, music, fashion, polka dots, food, and plenty more.

I spend my time working as a graphic designer and a part time dancing queen/party host. I split my time between visiting my favorite vintage shops & boutiques, eating delicious cuisine with friends, and going to see awesome bands and art events in the city.

I launched Glass and Sable in 2009 as a place to document my inspirations and adventures in Atlanta. I have always loved sharing my findings with my friends, and this is how it started. Glass and Sable got its name from sharing my work from brushes (physical or digital) through the glass of technology.

Featured Columns:

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Jason Travis shares his incredible photography with us. Aren't we so lucky?

If you would like to contact me or just pick my brain, feel free to email me glassandsable[at]gmail[dot]com. Let's be friends!