pop. pop. pop.


OMGSH! KING OF POPS! Thank you, Lord, for creating such a thing as POPSICLES, especially the ones here in Atlanta. King of Pops is an exclusive popsicle supplier around specific locations in Atlanta, and they are so fabulous. It's more than just chocolate, strawberry, and grape, we're talking salted chocolate, raspberry lime, banana pudding, grapefruit mint, and various other flavors.

Pictured with me is a grapefruit mint. YUM! Can't you see how happy I am? :D Gosh I love them.

Come to Atlanta
Let me give you a tour
Eat a Pop

photo on left is mine, photo on right belongs to renee brock


  1. those look delicious. and beautiful. grapefruit mint?! cool.

  2. So delicious! I wish you could try one! Come to Atlanta and I'll buy you one!