Whirlwinds and tidal waves! Titan and all his fury!

Well maybe, not that bad, but life has been incredibly busy as of late.
New semester. Awesome classes. More Art History club stuff. Logo making. T-shirt ordering. Artist interviewing. Birthday parties. Bass guitar playing. Iphone buying and selling. Test taking. Book reading. Scene writing.

I know, right?! lol

But having a 3GS iphone after having a 2g seems to make all the difference. The picture quality is awesome and I've been taking a lot of time to smell the roses & coffee while taking a quick shot. Loving my daily appreciations of life. Cheers to good times!

wanna know what classes i'm taking?
french 1
dramatic writing
play analysis
western art history
and pictures by moi.


  1. Your class schedule does sound fantastic! Way to go!

  2. Thanks Blair! The classes are really great!