fun night!

Last night I went with Tim to see CUT/COPY! So much dancing and so much fun. Then we grabbed sandwiches at Victory Sandwiches in Inman Park, galavanted around the Georgian Terrace Hotel unsuccessfully trying to find the pool, spit off the 18th floor (haha!), drove around the city in the middle of the night, and then had a coke. A classic Atlanta story must end with a coke.

Great story of the night:

As soon as we walked into the Georgian Terrace Hotel (which is some fancy shmancy five star hotel), we went straight to the elevators to get as high as we could. Without thinking, I pressed PH and didn't notice the access card thing on the wall that was obviously to get into the penthouses. As the doors are closing, a guy jumps in with two drinks in his hands. He tells us that he's from New York and and the dialogue goes like this...

NY dude: I'm from New York! Where are you guys from?

Tim: Atlanta

Ciara: Yeah, Atlanta!

NY dude: (notices that we had pressed PH) Really? What are you doing here?

Tim: Hanging out

NY dude: (smiles) How long are you here for?

Ciara: Just tonight

NY dude: Wow! Night on the town in the pent house!

The doors open and he prances off. HILARIOUS! The guy totally thought we were living big.

All in all, best three consecutive days in a good long while. :)


  1. I like rereading this and looking at the pictures we took in Incredibooth until I get to see you again. :)

  2. Ha! That NY guy sounds pretty charming. Love the pics! <3