This last month has been quite the whirlwind! The semester ended and I packed and moved out of my lovely apartment. I am now living with two girls (including the husband of one) in their sunroom as a temporary living solution. Soon I will be off again and in an even lovelier apartment somewhere in downtown Atlanta. I'm hunting for one right now.

Meanwhile, all my possessions are scattered about and I'm living out of a laundry basket and a suitcase. And until then, I am resting. And by resting, I mean working seven days a week and going to bed at 11 pm! I don't usually work so much, but I started intern for Burnaway again and I'm loving it. They call me their "Social Media Czar". Sounds good to me!

Other than resting, I've also been formulating a plan for Glass & Sable. I love having the blog, but I didn't love that it was beginning to become a blog where I was often reposting fancy stuff I saw on the web. Considering that I am a (part time) artist and live in Atlanta with plenty of artists and talented friends, I've decided to be a bit more proactive and show you what happens around me. I also wanted to give this place a little more of a personal edge, and so I merged my personal blog with this one. Now you will get a round image of who I am, and what I love.

Speaking of things I love...


This is Tim on last night's trip to look at plants for fun. haha we're random and I love it.

like the new plan/change?


  1. Yes! I appreciate art more if it's human and sincere.

  2. Yeah, I agree. I realized that all the art i love is also human and sincere. I'm pretty pumped about the new plan. I knew you would be excited!