get ready and smile!


I don't smile enough. No seriously. It does so much good for the soul! And I've been a negative nancy for too long. But the good news is that I have great people in my life, I have an amazing boyfriend, apartment, live in a great city, and it's pretty much the weekend already. So go enjoy your weekend too!

Cool things over the weekend in Atlanta:

1. Tonight Catlanta is getting together with Criminal Records to do a scavenger hunt for Catlanta kitties!

2. Ink & Dagger is doing another Man Day tomorrow. Its a celebration of men and all the manly things they love to do. So for the first part of the day, Ink & Dagger (a tattoo shop) is drawing up some manly $50 tattoos. The second part of the day is at Twain's Billards and Cap where there will be arm wrestling, mustache contests, handyman challenges, burlesque, etc. Definitely will be fun.

P.S. Also, check out those new bangs! I was a guinea pig for Toni & Guy!

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  1. Sad we did not see you at Man Day, but happy to see it made your blog! I am officially smitten with the Handyman Champion!