tim tuesdays: city as my church.


My name is Tim Lampe from I'm A Bear! Etc. It's been a busy few weeks but I'm back here with another mix.

As promised last time, this one dives into some borrowed sounds from the 1980's. I'm really excited about this mix.

I present to you 'City As My Church'. It starts at a party. These are kids who don't practice religion; they flock to the city as if that was their church. It starts with M83's thrilling new track "Midnight City", with scenes of catching late night ridges through the city. The neon lights, the lounge and club scenes fill your head. What follows is mind-numbing reflection and identity struggle of who was who and the stagger home to Small Black's "Photojournalist". You feel slightly out of place when Dum Dum Girl's "Hold Your Hand" comes in, but time has passed and you can relate to losing a loved one. Your story matures all the way through The War on Drugs excellent "Your Love is Calling My Name" in a race back into the city by train to let that someone know how you feel. It ends with Sun Airway's reflective "Put the Days Away" especially when you're reminded that "trying not to die is so taxing" and you realize time doesn't move as slow as you imagined.

1. M83- Midnight City
2. Small Black- Photojournalist
3. Dum Dum Girls- Hold Your Hand
4. The War on Drugs- Your Love is Calling My Name
5. Sun Airway- Put the Days Away

Here's how you get it:
1. Click here to download the folder
2. Go to iTunes and click + to create a playlist, name it "City as My Church"
3. Drag folder you downloaded into the playlist.
4. Enjoy!

See you next week!

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