tim tuesdays: drug.

This week's mix is simply titled "DRUG". The simplest reason is because music is my personal drug. Some of the readers of this may feel the same, but these are a collection of tracks that hopefully may be a drug for your Tuesday listening. It's main goal is to get you to explore some new tracks today; some you may not have heard before. It starts with some classic-rock infused White Denim, cruises through some Fresh and Onlys and Coco et Co and finally ends with a summer celebration thanks to Athens, GA locals Reptar. Ciara's only requirement is that while listening to Dent May you must bend you knees up and down, as if to simulate Mr. Dent May playing these tracks live.

1. White Denim- Drug
2. The Fresh and Onlys- Waterfall
3. Coco et Co.- State of Radio
4. Dent May- Fun
5. Reptar- Houseboat Babies

Here's the instructions:
1. Click here to download the folder.
2. Go to iTunes and click + to create a playlist, name it "Drug".
3. Drag folder you downloaded into the playlist.
4. Enjoy!

See you next week!

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