weekend: sunday free.


I had a very lovely weekend. This was the first Sunday I haven't had to work in probably 5 years. I am working full time at my day job now and don't need my silly Sunday morning at Ruby Tuesday anymore (thank goodness!). That job was just a headache and I never made enough money to make it worthwhile.

So what did I do on my first Sunday off? Well, I ate at Grindhouse Burgers for the first time. I ordered a delicious burger with blue cheese spread, sauteed mushrooms and a fried vidalia onion. YUM. Then I got a new nose stud in titanium with an opal setting. Yay! I wanted to get a ring, but my nose needs to heal a little more still. Afterwards we finished season 3 of Mad Men and headed over to his parent's house for dinner. BAKED ZITI followed by STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE. delicious.

Also during the weekend I went to my first hip hop show in East Atlanta Village. That was fun. And I took Tim to our favorite restaurant - Panahar Bangladesh Cuisine. MORE YUM. I could eat that delicious korma dish every single day.

Did you have a good weekend?

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