tim tuesdays: isolation


This week the mix is titled "Isolation". Of course there's tons of sons about isolation, but this week I'm going to focus on some positive ones. There's an album that caught me by surprise and it's an album called "Year of Hibernation" by Youth Lagoon. It's an excellent exercise in isolation, and the album swallows your emotions up. I can't stop listening to that, and also the new album by M83. With this mix I'm taking an exercise in isolation being the moments that you get to imagine your own moments and fantasy worlds.

1. Youth Lagoon- Posters
2. Pomegranates- Create Your Own Reality
3. House of Wolves- 50's
4. The Luyas- Tiny Head
5. M83- Wait

Here's how you get it:
1. Click here to download the folder
2. Go to iTunes and click + to create a playlist, name it "Isolation"
3. Drag folder you downloaded into the playlist
4. Enjoy!

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