Remember how Tim used to make a mix for Tuesdays? Well here's a video instead! It's been a little wild over on the Tim front - he's been shooting a lot of shows here in Atlanta for Paste Magazine and Drive A Faster Car (and might have his M83 pictures featured in SPIN Magazine). So to make the load a little easier, these Tuesday will just be music related, and not necessarily a mix. So enjoy the music column and check out his blog!

Here's what he says about this RAD video.

Listening to Summer Camp is like experiencing someone doing a keg stand on long beach island in the summer of 1983. Their debut album "Welcome to Condale" was recently released, and as it sounds, it's about a beach town stuck in the 80's with the inability to grow up.

Well fast forward to 2011 and there's a new Summer Camp video for a new song commissioned by 17 Nail Polish. Before you veer your eyes away thinking you're about to watch a commercial for nail polish, you're not. Their simply the budget behind the song and the video. The new track is titled "You Might Get Stuck On Me" and the video is a wonderful concept. A girl in a green sweatshirt and a guy in a yellow sweatshirt. Oh yeah, and there's a bunch of rogue hands preoccupied with various activities while a TV plays a video with the actual members of Summer Camp.

Watch the video and I highly suggest you check out their excellent record "Welcome to Condale" and vote it Prom Queen of 2011.


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