As this year is coming to an end and this holiday season is approaching quickly, I am slowing down. This has been a long, wonderful, busy year and I am ready for my well deserved break. Everyone does.

For bloggers and non bloggers alike (those of you who have other hobbies) we fill so much of our time to the fullest capacity. I wake myself up in the morning by checking emails and twitter and go to sleep making sure I don't have any more notifications. We are on a constant drive to document life and now this is the time for rest and reflection.

This year at some points both dragged on and slipped by. I did so many more things this year than I did in the last three years combined. I'm sure that Tim took me to at least 40 shows and I enjoyed them all. I spent a lot of time with new friends, new restaurants, and new tunes. This was a wild success. Don't forget that I met Tim earlier this year, which has completely changed everything for me - in a good way. I am so grateful for him.

Now when it comes to next year, I am looking forward to planning out more specifically the direction I want to go. There are a bunch of things I want to accomplish and set out to do. More design, original concepts, develop more of my personal style, and start collaborating with other designers. Also, I want to write down some new traditions or goals for me and my loved ones in the new year.

I will still be posting here through the end of the year, but maybe not on the every day basis as before. There is now family in town and I want to indulge in the memory making that is about to go on. And you should too! So here's a toast to everyone taking a sweet rest, getting in the spirit of Christmas, and living life to its fullest.

(and this is where I give you a hug... if I could)

Oh yeah! While you are settling down, why don't you check out Kate Miss' Best Of playlist. It's a good one!

photo here


  1. "We are on a constant drive to document life and now this is the time for rest and reflection."

    Love that!!! Such a great reminder of what is important during this season.

    Toasting to this time of rest, family and memories. Have a wonderful holiday with your family.


  2. I can so relate to this! Love your thoughts and that photo is so dreamy! xo