Tim Lampe is a writer for I'm A Bear! Etc. who constantly ponders how much whimsy you can trap in a mason jar.

If you haven't yet experienced Yours Truly, you're in for a real treat today. Yours Truly is a site that constantly posts amazing videos, materials and letters from some of the best musical acts around. Last year I even got to experience a few tapings of some acts in Austin Texas, and the folks that put these together are truly talented. Most of them are shot with SLRs and are fantastic portrayals of the band.

This one in particular is the band Guards. You may know some of the members from another budding band called CULTS. The track is "See It Coming" shot with some extra folks helping them out. Now, stop reading this and just watch and take in this video. A wonderful song, a wonderful band and a wonderful new day. Enjoy!

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