Tim Lampe is a writer for I'm A Bear! Etc. who went to a show last night that featured a band on stilts playing a synthesizer attached to a shovel.

Yes! It's Music Tuesday again on Glass & Sable. Today's post is dedicated to all things Yellow Ostrich. Before getting to that, it's a magnificent release day for music. Andrew Bird has a new one called "Break It Yourself", White Rabbits have released their new one "Milk Famous", and Miniature Tigers "Mia Pharaoh" is out too.

This week I'm focusing on Yellow Ostrich, who have released their sophomore effort "Strange Land" today! Yellow Ostrich was a project started by Alex Shaarf and he created the debut "The Mistress" all by himself, using loops and doing everything himself. This time around he's back with Michael Tapper and Jon Natchez and a full-band sound.

The video featured here is for the track "Mary", an alternate version of the track featured on "The Mistress". I think the video is fantastic, and stay tuned to the last leg of the video in which it explodes into color.

Additionally, for your listening pleasure, you can listen to the first single off "Strange Land" titled "Marathon Runner" below! You won't be disappointed.

Yellow Ostrich -- Marathon Runner by deadsoundie

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  1. yellow ostrich also has a pay what you want download sampler today :

    you're right so much good music released today!