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Happy Monday, friends! I had a lovely weekend, did you? Tim and I took a day trip to Asheville on Saturday. I had never been, and he wanted to take me there. And as our one year anniversary just passed, it was a good reason to take a road trip! We spent a lot of time walking around the city and looking at all the funny, cool, or just downright unusual things. There are so many hippies! I've never seen so many dreadlocks all in one place. It was so beautiful to be surrounded by mountains, I loved it. For our fancy dinner we went to an Indian restaurant called Mela, and it was incredible. I had Chicken Tikka Masala and Tim had the Saag Paneer. Yum! But sad news, we left the leftovers in Asheville. I kick myself every time I think about it. But, besides that, the trip was perfect. We stopped a lot of detours and shops on the way back, including the Smoky Mountain Parkway with a breathtaking ridge view of the mountains. The next few months will have similar mini trips to other places. May is a trip to Florida to see my parents for their 25th anniversary, and June is a trip to St. Louis to see Tim's family (and the Cardinals).

Does this summer have an promising destinations for you?

(p.s. check out all the red white and blue in those photos. funny, especially because all my travel tweet had #america in them)


  1. They are lovely photos, Ciara. I've been to Ashville once, but I've driven just outside of it to the place called Black Mountain three times to see my man's family. :) Enjoyed reading about your pleasant trip.

    I'm hoping my summer includes a semi-permanent destination to Nashville, but we'll see how that all develops. Say a prayer for my job applications if you think of it. :) Much love!

  2. beautiful photos, loving your blog. just stumbled on it today. and you are right, it's the worst to leave really good left overs behind! :)
    xo TJ