Glass and Sable Caroline Petters Lisa Hedge Duncan Shirah Parker Fitzgerald snippets

1. This week I was introduced to the wonderful photography of Caroline Petters. She's based here in Atlanta, so I'm proud to share another one of this city's gifted creatives. She has some great work, and a stellar tumblr blog!

2. Like many of you, I'm deeply in love with this wedding invitation by Lisa Hedge. It is simple and also simply gorgeous.

3. On of my friends, Duncan Shirah, is a very talented sculptor. He is having a gallery show next week to showcase some of his more amazing wood and metal sculptures. But calling them sculptures doesn't quite give them enough credit - inventions is a better word for them. He created that beautiful flyer for the show which depicts one of his inventions. It is a terrarium that squirts water into the terrarium section when the trigger is pulled. Genius, right?

4. In love again with Parker Fitzgerald's photography. This is one of the images for the latest issue of Kinfolk Magazine. I love the dark setting of the photo even though it is used for summer. You can still sense the outside warmth even though it's not bright and sunny in the photo.


  1. gosh, i do love the work of caroline petters - what a great portfolio she has! thanks for the recommendation... :)

    also, i really want to see duncan's water-squirt terrarium up close + sounds like it would be so fun to play with! plus the rest of his designs look supercool and i'm sure would be equal amounts of fun to see in real life. i hope you're going to his show?

    1. I am going to his show! I've already seem most of his creations, but I think he might have some new ones. :)

  2. Wow, that save the date is gorgeous.