Tim Lampe graphic designer instagram instatreasures robinmay jesse morrow tav calico connor

Tim Lampe graphic designer instagram instatreasures

Welcome to Snapshots! This week we're taking a look at great views/heights and a little more. It's been a busy week and there's a few themed weeks I have coming up, but this week I'm just going to go through some of my favorite captures. Just a reminder that you can find me on Instagram under the user @timlampe and you can tag some of your Instagram treasures using the hashtag #instatreasures. Here we go!

Top Left, taken by @robinmay
If you've gone this long without following Instagram legend Robin May, make sure you turn that around this week. Her photos are gorgeous.

Top Right, taken by @jessemorrow
Excellent composition and a stunning view.

Bottom Left, taken by @tavcalico
Another great shot playing with light and shadows. The contrast and grain make this photo stand out.

Bottom Right, taken by @connor
He doesn't post often, but when he does we get gems like this.

Tim Lampe graphic designer instagram instatreasures a lost feather alostfeather livia_xo

Left taken by @alostfeather
Seems like the golden hour was prime for this shot.

Right taken by @livia_xo
I'll never get tired of waves splashing, but the colors and edit on this one are top notch.

Tim Lampe graphic designer instagram instatreasures norteno erik marinovich

Left taken by @norteno
If you're a lover of signage, this is your guy to follow. The last two photos I wanted to mix it up just a bit because I end up devouring a lot of signage and typography captures on Instagram.

Right taken by @erikmarinovich
If you're not familiar with typographer Erik Marinovich, look him up now. Otherwise, enjoy his ongoing journey of finding delicious hand-type in San Francisico.

That's it for this week! See you next week with another batch of photos. Want to see your photos featured here next week or the upcoming weeks? I have a very personal tag I use called #instatreasures and invite you to tag your photos there as well!

Tim Lampe graphic designer instagram instatreasures

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  1. oh, i love robin's photos...and her IG story is so darn sweet! i'm totally checking out norteno, too, since i adore signs of all kinds. dang. good picks! :)