copic, more copic.


I felt like featuring an art student today. Meet Angie Iver, an artist student in Düsseldorf, Germany. Most of the things on her Tumblr blog are photos taken of her different moleskin sketch books, but nonetheless, her talent is surely recognizable. She works mostly with watercolors and copic markers, and the results are fantastic. I can't wait to see where Angie will be in 10 years. Definitely keep an eye out on her.


  1. Ahoy there, Ciara!

    I found your blog through Adelle and I found Angie Iver through Gabby's(Gabrielle Rose a.k.a. draw, gabby, draw!) tumblr.

    This is so random. Just want to say that it's amazing how your blogs are all connected and how close-knit the art blogging community is.

  2. Hey Camille! That is so cool! I'm so glad you told me! That definitely makes me happy. What a coicedence, because I don't know about Gabby's blog and I randomly found Angie's tumblr. Hilarious!

    It is certainly a good thing that the online art blog community is connected.

    {and i'm following your blog now too, and that makes me smiles}

    so thanks for the shout out!