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So what is life without art? What is life without music? And what is music without words? There have been times in my life where the music without words has gripped me stronger and harder than any songs with words. A song without a written message can be changed every minute of every day for each individual listening to it. Dig deeper, find your own meaning the the wordless yet completely significant sounds and talent behind the music. There is something so special, so frightful of how that light strumming that introduces the thunder of instrumental passion can open up your heart and show you things you never knew about yourself. Give it a try.

This Will Destroy You + Ascent of Everest + The Album Leaf + Explosions In The Sky


  1. "sounds" cool...any other recent sonic discoveries?

  2. The album Systems/Layers by Rachel's has carried me through so many days.

  3. Hi lady! I love your blog :) Just added it to my Favorites page on my site! Check it out!

  4. Anonymous #1, no, not really. I have some new music that was given to me, but I haven't listened to it yet though. Maybe an update soon? :)

    Anonymous #2, I'm so glad you can relate. I am really happy that I'm not alone in this deep appreciation for wordless music. It's very powerful.

    Brandi, Yay! I'm so glad you love G&S! And thanks for adding me to your favorites! That's so awesome!

    Love you guys!