good for dancin'.

Hey ya'll!

I cannot believe that it's been four months since I've posted. Seriously, I was so busy this summer. At one point, I had three internships and one job. Craziness! Though as crazy as that sounds, it was an incredible summer. I learned a LOT of new, important information and skills and also made a ton of very valuable friends.


+ Marketing Intern for - an Atlanta based online arts magazine.

+ Gallery Intern at the Altanta Contemporary Arts Center - beautuful and HUGE gallery

+ Marketing and Graphic Design Paid Intern for Atlantis Hydroponics - a company that sells the equipment to grow indoor plants without soil (I'm still doing this one - it's indefinite)

So currently, I'm back in school, with my paid internship, five classes, a new puppy, and the club I'm president of (Art History Student League). These are exciting times!

Those pictures up above were taken by me this past Saturday when the college group from my temple went downtown (all dressed up!) for an evening on the town. (Considering that I'm downtown all the time, it was really exciting for me to have them all down there with me.) We rode the train all the way down and went to the top of the Westin Hotel where there is a restaurant called the Sundial that slowly rotates to show the guests a 360 degree view of Atlanta. It was really awesome. From that perspective I got to see how far I actually walk when I'm downtown at school. So impressive! Afterward we went to a diner and had delicious cake. yum yum.

So glad to be back! I missed you all!

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