coney island.


Day Seventeen:
high & lows.
Oh, the high points and the low points of this year; there are many on both sides. I’ve truly had some victories, blessings for sure, but I’ve had many wounding times too. Though all in all, it comes to a breakeven. And I’m happy for even just a breakeven. This has been a year of development and an expansion of my independence.

got my dog, Chloe.
learning real dependence on the Lord as a single woman.
seeing the Fitoussi’s on their 3 month trip here in the states.
visiting new parks and places I hadn’t been to before.
working three internships so far this year that have really been awesome.
meeting incredible art people this summer.
getting closer to my parents & best friends.
landing a killer job with much better pay & benefits.

several unexpected and expensive events and situations.
taking accounting twice and failing it both times.
my stupid, nonsensical mistakes. Bleh.
and their consequences. More bleh.

But like I said, overall, not a bad year. A lot of growth. New friendships – and the new ones have rocked! And old friendships have grown.

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