hottest year.

Day Thirteen:
my earliest memory.
In the summer of 1993 my parents and I went to Washington D.C. so my dad could attend a training course. Instead of staying at a hotel, we decided to camp in this really nice campground. I remember that whole trip like it was yesterday. Going to D.C., staying in the camper, swimming in the most enormous pool I've ever seen, and having a great time. We have a lot of funny memories from that trip. The pool was very well known and you had to pay money to get in every day. After you paid, they would stamp your hand with a stamp that changed daily with it's according color. We would go in the mornings while my dad was away, and then go back when he came home after his training. But instead of paying again, my mom would draw the stamp on our hands and my dad would get in for free. Haha. Talk about teaching your kids honesty! I love my parents. :D

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