leaves changing, snow falling.


Day Twenty-two:
changes in past two years.
There are far too many changes to even begin to count. I have only been living in Atlanta for a little over two years, and since the move, I have changed over and over again. Mostly good changes, for better improvement, and sometimes in a nose dive. I don't think I look much different, but my inner self is a much more developed person than I was when I moved here. I was head strong, naive, irrational, unfocused (to a certain extent). I'm still all those things, but to a much smaller degree. I was nervous back then about myself and the future, and I'm not nervous anymore. It's going to all work out in the end.

Would I replay the last two years? Absolutely not.
I'm going in a good direction now.

pictures taken by me at as close to exactly two years apart as possible.

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  1. It's probably just the glow of the light, but I appreciate the effect of you losing your tan since moving North!

    Love Love Love,