n-o spells no.

Dear Young Men,

No, I will not reply to your message that says, "how you doing". You didn't even capitalize the first word of the sentence or use proper grammar or even add a question mark for that matter! No, I will not answer your thesis-sized hello. No, I will not tell you about my week after we haven't talked in months. No, I do not find it charming and fate that am an artist and you're not and that you took some test that told you that you'd be in a forever perfect marriage with someone just like me - it's gotta be someone else. No, I will not comply with you when you make promises to me when we're hardly more than acquaintances. ha!

No, boys. Try again. Try someone else.

Is it too hard to find someone real and authentic? Someone who just happens to stumble across my path. Not creepy, doesn't talk my ear off, doesn't creepishly put his hand on my shoulder.

For now, single is great! (refer to Day One)

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