peanut yellow curry sprouts.


Day Three:
My favorite consumptions.
I love anything different. Spicy. Foreign. Ethnic. I'll try anything once...or twice or for eternity. I love food. So it's hard to narrow down my favorite dish. For example, last night I had Duck Dulce Maria at this Cuban restaurant called Salsa Havana. It was delicious. I even had yuca "fries" with it. Yuca is a white root - very Cuban, very ethnic. I grew up on that stuff. Thanks mom!

Anyways, so besides my mom's Cuban food, I'd have to say that Asian food is my favorite. Please do not confuse "Asian" with Panda Express. I really don't like the American take on Chinese and the whole industry of "orange chicken" drenched in some gooey unhealthy sauce. I prefer family owned restaurants. Thai food is my favorite (seen above is a Thai panang red curry beef dish), but I also enjoy Vietnamese, Indian and Korean. And you can't leave out sushi. But I love curry more than sushi. YUM!

As far as beverages, Delirium Tremens is my favorite beer. It's a Beligum ale and I adore it. High gravity too, so you need to be careful! Definitely try it if you can get your hands on it.

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