falling from the heavens.


AHHH! It's November 2nd! So I'm starting this month-long challenge/project... but I'm already a day late! I didn't expect the 1st to get here so soon. So I'll do yesterday & today's part of the assignment.

How I feel about being single:

I actually like it. I don't have an agenda or plans previously made with someone. I can go have a girls night whenever I want as often as I want. I can also hang out with guys and not drag my tail between my legs. There are lows, like I miss company, but that's what friends are for, you know?

Where I'd like to be in ten years:

The picture above is of Stardust Coffee in Orlando. It's this great bar/cafe with a library, photo booth, movie viewing rooms, video rentals (wacky movies too) and a FANTASTIC atmosphere. In ten years I want to own something very similar to Stardust in Atlanta with a gallery next door/upstairs. Sound awesome? I'm excited.

Oh yeah, and maybe married to an awesome guy? I can't really plan for that one though.

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