mind you.

oooooh! I really want to make a list.

Things on my mind lately:

1. new music makes the world go round.
2. i really miss some good ol' pals like steph, pamela, naomi, and seanna.
3. i can't wait to move downtown. having my own place again will rock.
4. tim is amazing. i feel like i'm being spoiled.
5. nothing beats coffee and a bagel in the morning.
6. also, nothing beats beautiful sunshine in the morning.
7. i can't wait to sleep in tomorrow.
8. how awesome it is to not be sick (and be able to breathe).
9. getting new clothes soon. :D
10. sleeping in tomorrow.
11. things working out the way i would have dreamed them to.
12. summertime.
13. lemonade.
14. frisbee.
15. gingham.
16. kim getting married today. yippee!
17. learned lessons, growing up, and happiness.
18. my amazing, sweet brother.
19. red hair. (it's still not red enough)
20. random doodles of the day.
21. i want to invest more time sketching my friends.

what is playing?
helicopter by deerhunter.

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