movie recap: high fidelity.

Record Factory

I saw High Fidelity for the first time earlier this week. The more time that has passed, the more I realize that I love it. The film is about a man, Rob (played by John Cusack), whose girlfriend has just left him. He then revisits his five worst breakups to find out the reason why women leave him. It is through these humorous glimpses of his past and scenes of his everyday life owning a record store, we find that Rob really loves Laura. What initially seemed like a typical male comedy turned into a really warm centered romantic comedy. And while most of the recent romantic comedies are forgotten within the hour of leaving the theatre, this one really sticks. There are genuine sentiments and a grasp on what comic reality and love is like. It was based on a book by Nick Hornby. I really enjoyed this one, and definitely recommend it. You get a free lesson on how to make the perfect mixtape too! What a deal!

Thank you, Tim for sharing this movie with me!

Record sleeve from the Polish record label, Tonpress, circa 1980's. See Wanken article on the sleeves here.

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