weekend: indie craft experience

vintage jewelry
boat ride
ring of fire

This weekend I did some coverage for BURNAWAY at the Indie Craft Experience. It was really great! There were a ton of vendors all selling some real beauties! That last picture shows the goodies that I got. A bowtie for Tim, a geode necklace for me (both from Maie Dae who makes gorgeous stuff) and that cute foxy letterpress card that I couldn't let go of. Also, Thanks to the girls of Maie Dae for that cute polaroid snapshot. Too cute. Then afterwards while driving around, Tim and I found a small little carnival going on. So we stopped and walked around a bit. It had that real southern/ancient feel to it. I almost felt as if we had gone back in time. Insert all sorts of fuzzy feelings here. ALSO! Dyed my hair > it's more red! yay! Except it's still pretty dark. MUST BE MORE RED! And, I finally got my ban.do silk poof in the mail. Pictures of that soon!

This will be a hella long week, but worth it. I'm going to an awesome wedding on Sunday. It will be the first wedding I go to of a close friend, and of someone close to my age. I guess I'm getting to that age. Weird stuff.

Onwards & upwards!


  1. great pictures! our car was literally parked where the broken glass was!

  2. Thank you, Ivelisse! Yeah, I just had to get a shot of it when I saw it!