tim tuesdays: frugality



This week's mix is titled "Frugality". It's pretty simple. The whole mix isn't about money, or lack thereof. It's songs inspired by a overwhelming feeling of frugality (at least for me this week before paying off some bills). There's some of my favorite gems on here ('Silver' by Traveling by Sea and 'There's Nothing in the Water We Can't Fight' by Cloud Control) to serve as optimism. The lead track is the new single by brit-pop mimicking The Drums as they develop their sound.

1. The Drums- Money
2. Cloud Control: There's Nothing in the Water We Can't Fight
3. Delta Spirit- Randsom Man
4. Class Actress- Let Me Take You Out
5. Traveling By Sea- Silver

Here's the instructions:
1. Click here to download the folder
2. Go to iTunes and click + to create a playlist, name it "Frugality"
3. Drag folder you downloaded into the playlist
4. Enjoy!

See you next week!

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