weekend: parties, pugs, and picking up.


This weekend was pleasant and eventful! Tim & I got good Mexican food and celebrated the birthdays of our friends and went to the grand opening party for a new store location of the company I work for. They had Fox Bro. BBQ (the best Atlanta BBQ) and Sweetwater beer, giveaways and shuffleboard. We saw an adorable pug outside of a coffee shop and ate even more delicious food. I was able to spend a lot of time picking up the apartment - finding more homes for homeless possessions. I set up my terrarium on Friday and potted the rest of my plants in their new ceramic homes.

But here's the biggest highlight.

Mark Weaver is an amazing graphic designer and right now he lives here in Atlanta. Good news for him is that he got hired in NYC with The Daily and leaves Thursday. Sad news for me was that I really thought I'd never get to run into him around the city.... until this. That's right, a YARD SALE!!! Tim worships Mark just as much as I do, so we were freaking out at the opportunity to meet/buy Mark Weaver's old possessions. haha. So we went...and hardly said anything because we were so shell shocked! But we were able to run off with that beautiful typewriter and mirror tray (that I put my decanters on). So it wasn't a total loss and it was certainly an adventure!

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