tim tuesdays: for those that think young.


My name is Tim Lampe and I write for I'm A Bear! Etc. and I collect 3D glasses and absorb lots of music. Here's a mix I put together just for you!

For Those That Think Young is a mix to celebrate youth and stepping away from it. From the initial moment that TV Girl's excellent 'Benny and Jetts' kicks in with "Her eyes were green, her skin glistened. Talk all you want to, she never listens" to the final chorus of New Animal's 'Fires in the Backyard' ends with "How'd we get so far with nothing to show for it?", this mix is about youthful feelings with a look back. Feel exuberant as you ride along a non-stop train of gems that bend styles and genres. Hopefully no matter what your age, you act youthful just a little bit every day.

1. TV Girl- Benny and the Jetts
2. Yuck- The Wall
3. Foreign Born- Vacationing People
4. The War on Drugs- Baby Missiles
5. New Animal- Fires in the Backyard

Here's how you get it:
1. Open iTunes
2. Create playlist (+) with name "For Those That Think Young"
3. Download the playlist here and when it is downloaded, drag and drop folder into iTunes playlist!
4. Enjoy!

Thanks for listening and next week I plan on taking us back to the 1980's so watch out. thankstim

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