surf erie.

"Surf Erie" by Monster Rally. Directed by Tyler Coray.

Happy Friday, everyone!

I thought I would end this week with a beautiful video that really tops off the end of summer. It was a great summer, but I'm already moving on. Crisp weather will be here soon, and I am delighted. This weekend is Labor Day weekend, and there sure is a good lineup for me! ROADTRIP! Two friends, Tim & I are all driving up to Iowa tonight for Daytrotter Barnstormer. Daytrotter is a music blog that wanted to be different - so everyday at least one band will record for two hours on borrowed equipment. In the case of Barnstormer, the process happens live, in a barn in Iowa. There is more than one band playing too, so it should be fun.

And then guess what.... we're off on Monday! (Just in case you didn't know - but you probably already did and I'm hoping you're also just as excited as I am about a long weekend.)

Have any awesome plans?

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