weekend: corn & books.

iowa photo by tim.

Happy Tuesday! Some people think that Tuesdays like today are awful because they take the role of Mondays, but how can you hate a day like today? We just got back from a long, delightful weekend, and we have a short work week as a result. Why can't every week be like this one?

I'm hoping all of you dearies out there had a great labor day weekend. Like I mentioned in the previous post, I went to Iowa for Barnstormer with some friends, and it was a load of fun. Sadly for the blog, I didn't take any pictures. Gasp! I know! But, I think it was more important for me to just take it easy. We all deserve a break sometimes.

It was a fun trip. I've never left on a road trip at night - midnight no less! We drove straight through till Iowa and crashed as soon as we got there. The show was awesome. The line up was of 8 bands, though we only stayed for 5. We were exhausted and just ready to go to bed. Plus, the ones we did see were so good, we felt it had already been worth it.

In other news, I started reading a new book: Diary by Chuck Palahniuk. So far, it's been exceptional. All in good timing too, as I was getting very bored with Milan Kundera. (Sorry, Kundera.) Anymore book recommendations? I'm trying to make a list!

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