tim tuesdays: diane keaton's vest

cover_650 I started thinking about things and there's one object out there that may be the luckiest of all in the world and that is none other than Diane Keaton's Vest. I've watched countless Woody Allen films with her in the title role, but her vest emits the fuzziest of feelings. What is this vest feeling at any given time? Luckily I've put some songs to illustrate the feelings of Diane Keaton's Vest after much thought and consideration. Take a journey along with me and I'll see you guys here again next week!

1. Active Child- You Are All I See
2. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.- Simple Girl
3. St. Vincent- Cruel
4. Cults- You Know What I Mean
5. Generationals- Please Be It

Here's the instructions:
1. Click here to download the folder
2. Go to iTunes and click + to create a playlist, name it "Diane Keaton's Vest"
3. Drag folder you downloaded into the playlist
4. Enjoy!


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