I am so sorry that I have been a missing person! It's true, I've really slacked off. I acknowledge it! I take the blame for it! So what was I doing? Honestly, it's kind of pathetic. I was upgrading my jailbroken iPhone to the new ios 5. I ran into a couple of errors and kept having to do the jailbreak over and over and over. Blah. But I'm back! (and for good!)

The photo above was taken by Tim, but it's of the new ampersand I bought! It was made by Edie's Lab, found on Etsy. They make a ton of these beautiful wooden letters. Gosh I love them all! Needless to say, I'm very please with the newest addition.

We've been all sorts of busy. We saw Wild Flag on Saturday night in Athens at the 40 Watt Club. If you don't know who Wild Flag is, you might know who Carrie Brownstein is - the lead lady of the comedy show Portlandia. She's one of the singers/guitarists for Wild Flag. They rocked out! It was a glorious show. Amazing girl rock at its finest. Totally check them out.

Btw, I'm gushing over all the love around here on Glass and Sable. You folks are so nice! ♥

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  1. being busy is always good. :) i love that ampersand! so classy. xo