tonight is the night.


So just as a heads up, I'm working on a new header for the blog, as well as some other design elements. I really do love the one I have, and it has a deep place in my heart, but I've come a long way from there now. Moving on up! I can't tell you when it'll be live, but I am working on it!

In other news, tonight is the opening night of the art show I helped curate and showing a piece in. This is the first time I have shown a piece in Atlanta, so I'm nervous and excited about it. I spent last night hanging some of the art pieces. It was so exciting seeing it all come together and see my piece hanging there.

After the show we're seeing Youth Lagoon. Please, I'm begging you, if you haven't heard Youth Lagoon yet, please do it. Go on Spotify or Grooveshark or whatever you have, just listen. He will romance your ears.

Have a great weekend, lovelies. I hope it is relaxing and pleasant and full of memory making.

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