Tim Lampe is a writer for I'm A Bear! Etc. (and my awesome boyfriend!) who is currently reading the book 1Q84 and pondering staircases. He writes and takes pictures for I'm A Bear! Etc. and thinks you should start your year off with the right music.

This mix is called 'I Get Nervous' and it's really inspired by this track by Lower Dens called 'I Get Nervous'. It was one of my favorite tracks of 2010, and this week Lower Dens announced their new album. My revisiting of Lower Dens combined with the paranoia created from reading 1Q84 means that I've put together a mix that feels right to your nerves. It doesn't cause extra tension, believe me. It won't stress you out, by any means. If anything, it should help out. From the slow-burning start of Lower Den's new track "Brains" to Los Campensinos' triumphant anthem "Hello Sadness", this should be what you have on repeat this week.

Additionally, it also features a few new 2012 tracks you should hear such as Porcelain Raft's "Put Me to Sleep" and Sharon Van Etten's "Serpants" in addition to Lower Den's "Brains".

To download the mix yourself, click here and drag the songs into a new playlist in iTunes. Title it "I Get Nervous".


1. Brains // Lower Dens
2. Put Me To Sleep // Porcelain Raft
3. Turning Into Stone // Phantogram
4. Serpants // Sharon Van Etton
5. Noche Nada // Givers
6. The Great Fire // Future Islands
7. Believe // CANT
8. Hello Sadness // Los Campesinos

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