1. I'm sure you all heard or have read articles about SOPA and it's awfulness. There were a bunch of sites blacked out in protest, which is awesome. So if you don't know about it, this beautifully designed video will explain it. EDIT: it got postponed today! Enough voices were heard that Congress dropped the whole thing... for now. yay!

2. Anabela from Fieldguided did a gorgeous photoshoot of the contents of her massive bag. Inside was this cute mini satchel that I'm loving. My business cards might find a new home!

3. Tomorrow I'm going with my friend, Alana to see My Week With Marilyn. Very excited about this. (photo by Brigitte Lacombe)

4. Very funny prints that don't hide the feelings that designers feel with clients. Trust me, they're all true.

5. Stunning earrings from Dear Fieldbinder.

6. This is next week, but I'm so excited to be seeing Twin Sister on Wednesday. It was one of the best shows I saw last year and I can't wait to see them again. Plus, Andrea Estella is adorable and I have a girl crush on her. (photo by Tim Lampe)

Have a great weekend, friends!

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