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So here's a new column for me - a weekly round up of either things I've pinned, something interesting I read, a fancy product, movie, art, etc. etc.

1. I'm seeing Givers tomorrow with Tim and some of my friends at The Earl - one of my favorite music venues here in Atlanta. REALLY excited for this. Please watch their video for Up Up Up.

2. Loving Rebecca Minkoff handbags. They are gorgeous and I think I'll start saving for one now.

3. Matchstic Branding Agency posted a very interesting article on their blog about craftsmanship and consumerism. It is sad that truly magnificent handcrafted work is being smitted by businesses like Burger King trying to stay up on the trends. Do they actually think that we believe their burgers are “artisan crafted”? I think not.

4. Jessica Comingore tweeted about this Etsy shop and I fell in love with the astronomoy section. All of the prints are gorgeous.

5. I'm currently reading Scott Fitzgerald's The Beautiful and Damned. It's not only set in the 1920's like The Great Gatsby, but it has been noted to be extremely similar to Fitzgerald's own life and marriage with Zelda. I'm not very far in, but it's wonderful already.

6. And also, these pretty earrings by Erin Wasson.

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  1. i am currently obsessed with givers and want them to come somewhere close enough for me to see them!