Tim Lampe is a writer for I'm A Bear! Etc. who appreciates Valentine's Day but thinks it's better known as "National Reeses Appreciation Day".

I have a mix for you this week that I think you're going to really like. It's both a mix for Ciara herself as it is for all her readers. Since it's Valentine's Day, I wanted to make a mix but didn't want it to be full of cliched songs that you've heard over and over. It's a mix that includes a lot of old songs, but a collection of well-worn songs for me. You might wonder why it starts with Guess Who's "These Eyes" because it's not necessarily a love song. It's a simple answer; I find more joy in belting out that song in public than what the subject matter is. You might also remember a famous movie scene from Superbad involving Michael Cera singing it too, but I digress.

I love every track on this playlist, and a lot of them are slower than previous playlists, but I think you'll really enjoy it. Midway through is GAYNGS (a band compiled of Bon Iver's Justin Vernon and over 20 other collaborators) doing a cover of SADE's "By Your Side". I don't have scientific proof, but I'm pretty sure this track is the sexiest songs ever put down on record. Just listen for yourself. And any great Valentines playlist wouldn't be complete without ending it with Mew's "Comforting Sounds". That track means a lot to Ciara and myself.


1. These Eyes // The Guess Who
2. Anthems For a Seventeen Year Old Girl // Broken Social Scene
3. VCR // The XX
4. Summer Holiday // Wild Nothing
5. Slow Show // The National
6. By Your Side // Gayngs
7. Strange Things Will Happen // The Radio Dept.
8. Bookshop Casanova // The Clientele
9. Vittorio E. // Spoon
10. Comforting Sounds // Mew

If you'd like to listen to the playlist in Spotify, put this link in your search bar: spotify:user:bearetc:playlist:2OPTWQwbTZnRrigtoo6kad

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  1. This mix is hot fire! Love it! Comforting Sounds is such an amazing track.