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Today I have something special for you. Ciara and I had the opportunity to see Youth Lagoon some months back, and the biggest surprise was the opening act. They go by Young Magic and their show was a sprawl of percussion, electronics and chants. The way I thought of it was that it was similar to Yeasayer's first album before they headed in a different direction. I can certainly say if you're a fan of Yeasayer or Ruby Suns, this will be up your alley.

The video featured first is their first single and first track off their debut album "Melt". The video is a clash of colors, landscapes and cloud imagery, but goes very well with the track.

Second, "Melt" is released next Tuesday February 14th (perfect valentines day gift, right?) and Hype Machine is streaming the record through February 14th. It's got some fantastic sounds and encourage to give it a listen today or sometime this week.


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