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Last week I went home early from work due to these crazy allergies I have. I never used to have any type of allergy, but maybe because I'm always around plants and soil (and dust?), I think it's gotten the best of me. So I managed to take a nice relaxing nap (you could also call it passing out from Benadryl) and drank some mint tea. It was actually nice to take a little unexpected break. That previous weekend I had gone thrifting with my friend Jessie, and I never showed you what I came home with. Two tennis rackets! (They were $1.30 each!!!)

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I haven't decided where to put them yet, but that's okay. I've worked out the main furniture layouts in my apartment, but there is still more I want to do. So after pinning a bunch of ideas, I decided the best way to really put down my thoughts would be to sketch it out. So I took a few corners of the apartment that need work, and did a before and after. I drew out what I had been envisioning, and wrote down the list of all the things I'd need for each room. If I have a clear vision of what I want to do, it is so much easier for me to actually get it down. I'm feeling good about this!

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  1. Very pretty. Those rackets are a great find.

    I hope your planning goes perfectly as you plan!

    - Lindsay

    1. I hope so too! There will be updates, I promise!

  2. Those tennis rackets are a real score! I love them.

    I hope your allergies get better. :-/