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Amy Anderson portrait Glass and Sable Home Closet Tool
Amy Anderson, the wonderful lady behind Parker, Etc., has worked in the music industry for the last 7 years. First as a manager in Texas and London, then at an agency and now at an indie record label in New York City. She has been all over the music sphere! Her blog is a space created to share the other side of her life - interior design, fashion and intimate dinner gatherings. Anderson currently resides in Brooklyn with her talented husband, Eric.

Amy Anderson home chalk Dana Tanamachi Glass and Sable Home Closet Tool

My husband and I are fans of large art and even bigger fans and supporters of our fellow artistic friends. This original chalk piece was done by the talented Dana Tanamachi and it may be the single reason we will never move out of our apartment! Living in a loft style living space, the walls are taller and larger than usual and, with the help of Dana, we didn't have to feel like it was a massive bare space, but more a unique and one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Amy Anderson gold watch Glass and Sames Home Closet Tool

This watch was my grandfather's. We share the same middle name, along with my great-grandfather and my father -- Parker. He was the most adorable and most devoted grandfather there ever was. As a kid, he would volunteer at my elementary school helping out teachers with simple chores, just to get to spend all the time he possibly could with me and my sister. Over the years my style and jewelry choices have changed, but one thing will always be constant... I will never find a better watch to replace what I already have. It goes with everything in my closet.

I'm a jewelry maker on the side and needed something to help me visualize the pieces I was making besides taking them on and off my own neck..... which, lets be honest, was growing tiresome! When I found this vintage dress form, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. Not sure if anyone out there reading this is a Friday Night Lights fan, but I named her after my current idol... Tami Taylor!

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photos by Amy's husband, Eric Ryan Anderson.


  1. God, she's cute. and love love love that wall.

  2. What a fun post idea - love the concept and can't wait to see more!

    1. If you click on the Home//Closet//Tool tab on the right, you can see the previous creative folks that have been featured!