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Jessica was an urban designer for the City of Boston before she received a fellowship to be a civic hacker for Code for America. So a few months ago she moved across the country and now happily lives in Duboce Triangle in San Francisco. In a prior life she got a degree in Architecture from Georgia Tech in Atlanta where many of her dearest friends still reside. With one of those friends, she runs Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business (ECAB) a blog for making.

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Home //
This is me (in the first image) trying to mimic "my lady." She's a charcoal I bought for $15 at a flea market outside of Boston. She's scratched, warped and smeared but I love her. It's signed and dated 1864 and if you rub it, charcoal will still come off on your fingers. Most of my friends think she's creepy but I think I'll move around and take her with me, always. Also, more boxes, including a craftsman toolbox full of ribbons.

I'm an urban designer and lover of places. I've got a number of maps and I haven't quiet figured out where to put them in my space in San Fran so for now some of them are just taped up. Sometimes they fall off in the middle of the night and terrify me. The top right one is of Boston when it was nearly an island, before the bays were filled in. That is my favorite period of Boston maps. The bottom right is a 1903 original map of Paris I bought while I studied there. It didn't cost very much but at the time it was the oldest thing I'd owned. But now I own that lady :).

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Closet //
I have recently gotten some jewelry from my grandma that she no longer wears. I love them and I love that they were hers. I also like that style is cyclical and things come back around - or that I'm blind to my tackiness. I'm not too shy to wear a gigantic smoky topaz.

Jessica Lord boxes JLord Glass and Sable Home Closet Tool Ciara Sames

Tool //
I have a collection of sorts of boxes. I consider them a tool for hiding all my tools. I have (too) many scissors, needles, pins, ribbons, pliers for jewelry and wrenches for bikes.. if I had to see them out all of the time I'd go crazy. The boxes come from thrift stores, grandparents houses and Ikea. They're not labeled but I know what is in each one. I like them a lot actually, though it felt silly to pack up a box of boxes when I moved to California.

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  1. goodness. if i can become that successful and happy when i finally get out of college. it would only be icing on the cake if i owned some of my grandmas old jewelry