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Lilly Lampe is a freelance writer who produces Out There Atlanta, a weekly podcast covering people, places and events. She studied art history and received a masters from the University of Chicago. If she's not reading or writing about food and art, she's probably thinking about food or art.

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Home //
This is my favorite section of the apartment I share with my husband. The chair and side table were beat-up thrift finds that I tore apart, painted, and reupholstered in a wild 24-hour spree. Once I start a project I obsess over it; hence, the terrariums lining the windows and covering the tables. I had to stop making terrariums after we ran out of space for them.

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Closet //
I have an embarrassing number of striped shirts. If it's striped and on sale, I can't resist. There have been weeks when I've worn a different striped shirt every day.

Tool //
I like to switch up location when I'm writing, and rely on this backpack to carry all my gear. It's by Makr, a small company out of Florida. Everything they make is so utilitarian and perfectly constructed. I'm slowly replacing my essential totes and satchels with items by Makr. I recently upgraded my audio recorder and couldn't be happier. I made a little matching carrying case to protect it.

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