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I guess I wasn't joking when I said I needed a break! The blogging haitus last week was completely unplanned, but I guess in a sense it was. I really needed a good break to refresh and get some motivation again. I feel like a brand new person and I'm running like a steam engine. Look out! Also, I'm feeling like my own person again, which feels great. We all have quirks and that is what makes us all different and brings us together. Embrace the quirkiness!

I mapped out what I did on the days I didn't blog, but I figured that I'd spare you all the unnecessary details. Some days I was busy, others not so much. But I will clue you in that a lot of that is just eating, grabbing drinks, and refreshing with some of my great pals. I hope you've been having a great week too!


  1. These are so lovely. I'm on a bit of a break myself... I have been struggling with the direction I am going in with my blog, so I haven't posted much.

    I am hoping I'll find my way soon.

  2. These are so cool, Ciara! The color palettes are lovely too.

  3. Eating, drinking and catching up with pals - sounds like a brilliant way to spend some well deserved downtime x