Tim Lampe is a writer for I'm A Bear! Etc. and approximately 3 days ago he experienced the consumption of his first Waffle Taco in Austin, Texas and hopes you are all jealous.

This week is all about Eleanor Friedberger. You may not know her, but if you've heard anything from The Fiery Furnaces, you'll be familiar with Eleanor's voice. Fiery Furnaces is the project she has along with her older brother Matthew, but last sum me she went into more pop territory by releasing a solo record "Last Summer".

The video above is for the track "Heaven" off that album, and it should give you a taste of Eleanor's conversational delivery and quirky video in which she's reviewing her life as she's gotten to heaven. You can also download my favorite track from the album and one of the best tracks of 2011 "Roosevelt Island" below. She's on tour with Hospitality, so you should probably check her out in a city near you!

Next week: I use science and deductive reasoning to talk about my experience and bands I loved coming out of South By Southwest in Austin last week.

Download Eleanor Friedberger's "Roosevelt Island"!


  1. awesome. love it, thanks. you always have such great finds on your blog! my hat's off to you!

    1. You're pretty rocking too, lady!