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Amy Moore portrait Strataflora Glass and Sable Home Closet Tool Ciara Sames
Amy Moore is an artist, graphic designer and editorial assistant at Rue Magazine who dabbles in jewelry-making, styling, home decor DIY's and culinary experiments - she is a magpie, basically! Beyond all that fun stuff, Amy holds down a full-time day job as the Marketing/Art Director for a Seattle-based construction supply company. She lives in Capitol Hill with her boyfriend and their four-legged son, Oliver. They love frequenting all the good restaurants, coffee shops and antique stores nearby their place! Amy also posts about anything and everything that inspires her over at her blog, strataflora.

Amy Moore living room Strataflora Glass and Sable Home Closet Tool Ciara Sames

Home //
This little corner is our living room - which I don't get to lounge around in as much as I'd like, but I so enjoy the times I do! My boyfriend and I just got the sofa this year...it's our first "real" piece of furniture, and we love it, as does our dog, Oliver! Leather is SO worth the investment when you have pets...much easier to keep clean! On the wall is an assortment of some of my artwork and other pieces I've collected. Art is probably where most of my money goes when it comes to decorating the house. It makes me so happy to be surrounded by meaningful trinkets; every piece in my home has a memory attached to it.

Amy Moore rings Strataflora Glass and Sable Home Closet Tool Ciara Sames

Closet //
Confession: I am a MAJOR hoarder of rings. They are hands down my favorite accessory, and I'll always be seen wearing at least a couple. I have bowls full of them - I really had to scale back here; I wanted to show them all, haha. These are a few of my favorites...some are vintage, others are newish. The Natalie B. Chalcedony one to the left might be my most-loved; I barely took it off for the first few months after I got it!

Amy More Strataflora easel Glass and Sable Home Closet Tool Ciara Sames

Tool //
My easel was passed down to me from my grandmother who also was an artist, making me that much more fond of it - I'm a sucker for sentimental things. I love thinking about how many paintings have been created on it over the years and how many more will come to life in the future! Lately I've been trying to get back into painting more frequently; it's so freeing and expressive. I am obsessed with graphic design (my job), but there's something about the physical connection and emotional release you get from creating art that will never compare.

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  1. Love that easel! And I love that painting on it. So pretty.