Tim Tuesdays: BOWERBIRDS

Tim Lampe is a writer from I'm A Bear! Etc. who sometimes dreams he's in a narrative involving him dressing up as a fish. Long story.

Every once in a while you see a music video that has such a strong narrative that you can't help but praise the creators for pairing such a great song with a great story. This is the case with the new video for Bowerbirds "Tuck in the Darkness In". It's easily my favorite video of 2012 so far.

If you've not heard Bowerbirds thoughtful compositions, let this be your introduction. The video revolves around a kid who wears a reindeer hat and follows his dad along for a fishing trip only to be confused by what happens to fish after they're caught. The video perfectly captures a kids wonder with fish and masks some fears. It'll have you smiling and left in whimsey, as well.

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